The Process of Video Production

How We Make the Videos Everyone Wishes They Had

Pre Production

Production Strategy and Creative Approach. This is everything that takes place before the shoot. 
From exploring creative concepts, scriptwriting, location scouting, to budgeting and casting.


This is where the magic happens. When all of our careful planning comes together with all the talented crew members sharing a common goal. Let's make something brilliant. 

Post Production

This is where all the pieces come together. Editing, sound mixing, colour grading, special effects and the list goes on and on, all coming together to tell the story in the most impactful way. 

The Importance of Pre Production

In the planning phase we will work out as many details as possible in order to make the shoot go smoothly. This phase will often define the success of the rest of the project. 

Our goal is to over prepare so that when you step on set for the first day of shooting it is a fun, pleasant experience that fosters a sense of creativity for everyone involved. 

The first thing we do is ask a lot of questions and then listen very closely to our clients answers. We want to understand their brand. How does it impact peoples lives, what they are passionate about, who do they need to tell their stories to and why.

Production - Lights, Camera, Action

When most people think of video production, it’s the lights, camera, action stage that usually comes to mind. It’s during this part of the production process where your pre-production efforts will really begin to pay off. But it’s also important to keep in mind that a lot of critical things need to take place during this stage before you hit the record button.

Our video directors and producers are seasoned and experienced experts in their field and have a unique ability and skill for producing top-quality video marketing content. We work with a range of businesses and brands and offer new perspective and ideas that your own marketing team may be oblivious of. This small extra detail can be the difference between a great commercial video campaign and a very average one.